Sebastian Witte, born in 1975

  • Sebastian obtained a degree in translation from Cologne University of Applied Sciences (1997-2002)
  • Main languages English and Spanish, native in German, third foreign language Portuguese
  • Examined in the fields of Business and Technology (English) as well as Law and Technology (Spanish), translating both into and out of the foreign languages
  • Spent a semester abroad at the University of Barcelona (Universidad Autónoma, 1999/2000)

Degree: Graduate Translator for English and Spanish, overall grade 1.7 (equivalent to a 2:1 Honours degree)

Following graduation, Sebastian moved to Bielefeld and was involved, as an in-house translator, with a well-known medium-sized company in the metal construction industry, in translating documents such as articles of association from English into German.
Since then, he has gained extensive experience in translating and editing in his specialist fields.
He has regularly taken part in continuing professional development by attending training days arranged for members by the BDÜ (German Association of Translators and Interpreters), as well as by reading technical literature.

Thrown in as an extra for you, in order to achieve a particularly high technical and stylistic quality 95% of the German to English translation jobs we handle involve mutual quality assurance practices (2nd pair of eyes).

What this means in practice:

  • Translation by Astrid, who is a native speaker of the target language
  • Editing by Sebastian, a native speaker of the source language, comparing the translation with your original document
  • Final round of monolingual proofing of the resulting text by Astrid

If you place an order with us, you can be sure that the translation you receive will be:

  • Technically accurate
  • Executed with care
  • Stylistically appropriate
  • Completed on time
  • True to the original layout
  •  Terminologically consistent in the case of specialisations that require it, in particular law, intellectual property and financial reporting (i.e. every specialist term repeatedly occurring and having the same meaning in the context will be translated in the same way).